The attorneys of Mays & Rotenberg handle legal disputes on behalf of individuals, businesses, associations and municipalities. We have experience managing the entire life cycle of a case from its preliminary stages through trial and beyond. We represent clients—both as plaintiffs and defendants—in court but also in front of hearing boards, administrative agencies, and at arbitrations and mediations.

Our areas of focus include:

    • Contracts and business disputes
    • Real estate, zoning, and eminent domain
    • Employment law
    • Education law, including special education, discipline/due process, and civil rights cases for students from elementary school through higher education
    • Personal injury


Our experience in the courtroom sets us apart from other lawyers. Ultimately, a lawsuit depends on advocates who can develop facts and take their case into court with confidence. All of our attorneys have built cases from the ground up, working with investigators to unearth evidence ranging from financial records to scientific reports. We have interviewed and examined thousands of witnesses from all walks of life. Most importantly, we have learned how to distill complicated ideas into winning arguments in front of judges and juries.

We also have appellate advocates who can take on a case after it is tried and identify strategies to change the outcome. The appeals process matters: your rights and your case don’t disappear after a single hearing or court decision. A skilled appellate advocate can spot issues and infirmities in the factual record of a case or in a lower court’s application of the law. Wherever your case started, we can review it and give you an honest assessment of where it can still go.

Although we approach every case as though it will be presented at trial, we also recognize the value of resolution. Legal work is our first priority, but it probably isn’t yours—any litigation that we undertake for you should solve a problem, not create one. We will consult with you to determine the goals, costs, and impact of a lawsuit on your bottom line and quality of life. Whenever possible, we will resolve disputes before a suit starts. And we make an ongoing commitment to respecting your time and talents.

As a modern law firm, we use technology to keep overhead costs low. You are not expected to pay for a bank of legal secretaries to type our letters, and we use electronic filing and storage whenever possible. We invite clients to take advantage of our secure, web-based document sharing system to review the work that we’ve done on their case as it’s completed.

We work with individuals, businesses, organizations, and government entities and offer a number of fee arrangements for civil litigation clients. We are interested in results, not billable hours. Call us to talk about fixed fee, contingency fee, or risk-sharing arrangements. Because of our confidence in our work, we will take a reduced fee up front in return for performance or outcome bonuses.

To discuss a dispute or pending litigation, call or click to schedule an appointment with an M&R attorney.