DUI charges are as serious as they are common. Pennsylvania law recommends jail time for almost every type of DUI and every type of driver, whether it’s your first offense or your fifth. With each new arrest and conviction, the length of prison terms and risk of mandatory minimum sentences grows bigger.

Long-term penalties can follow DUI defendants even after their jail time is over. A DUI conviction can have a substantial impact on your life, work and future. For example, most DUI convictions end with the suspension of a defendant’s driver’s license. And many professions, from trucking to teaching, exclude or expel people who have been found guilty of DUI.

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When you choose a DUI lawyer in Berks County, listen carefully.

At M&R, we are criminal defense attorneys who know the law and can fight bad arrests and junk science. But we are also advisors who want to guide our DUI clients through the criminal system exactly once. We keep an eye on the future and will work with you to minimize the long-term impact that a DUI has on your family and finances.


Almost every DUI arrest is the product of a series of snap judgments by a single police officer. One officer’s assessment of your driving, your speech, or your movements can decide whether you spend the night at home or spend the night in jail.

The United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions both put stark limits on how and when a police officer can interact with a driver. What’s more, because DUIs are common and implicate serious issues, Pennsylvania’s courts constantly make new rulings that change the boundaries of legal police conduct. In the heat of a traffic stop, police officers can overstep those boundaries.

DUI cases need to be challenged by lawyers who know their way around a courtroom. At M&R, we are trial attorneys who have presented countless cases to juries, making use of experts and technologies that prove or disprove critical ideas. We are also accomplished appellate attorneys and legal researchers—meaning that we stay current and know how changes in the law impact our clients.


For some people, a DUI is a symptom of a larger problem with drug or alcohol abuse. The decision to confront those issues head-on can be the difference between jail time and freedom. Over the long haul, a treatment-based approach can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. More importantly, it can spare you and the people you love some hard days and choices.

Berks County has a number of diversionary court programs designed to minimize or even eliminate jail sentences for people who seek and accept drug and alcohol treatment. The County is also home to a vibrant recovery culture and treatment providers who specialize in working with patients at a variety of different ages and income levels.

M&R attorneys know Berks County’s treatment courts and resources from A to Z. We are also straight shooters and DUI lawyers committed to the real resolution of your case. Put simply, we want to handle your last DUI.